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Team Kameron
spoilers for this week 
16th-Jul-2007 11:19 pm
kris allen
Dominic & Sabra - Jive
Hok & Jaimie - Broadway (Tyce Diorio, assisted by Travis Wall)
Pasha & Sara - Jazz (Mandy Moore)
Neil & Lauren - Contemporary (Mia Michaels)
Danny & Anya - Foxtrot
Kameron & Lacey Hip-hop (Dan Karaty)

I cannot even tell you guys how excited I am that Kameron & Lacey got Hip Hop, even though apparently Kameron still didn't get a very good review form the judges. Poor boy can't seem to catch a break, and it doesn't help that it's a Dan Karatay routine (I've been pulling for a Wade routine, over even a Shane Sparks routine, for sooo so long), but it'll probably be pretty good anyways. I'm really excited for all of these performances.

taken from _sytycd_and Blogging SYTYCD
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